How to Increase the Edge Screen Size on Samsung Galaxy Phones Without Root

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While Edge Screen is a handy way to access your favorite Samsung apps and tasks and more in the Samsung Galaxies S6 Edge, S7 Edge, S8, S8+ and Note 8, especially since newer phones are so large! This is particularly difficult to activate. In settings, you can modify the size (and the recognition area), but for some users it is insufficient the maximum size you can set.

It was initially tested on the Samsung Galaxy S8+, but we confirmed that it worked with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. They should also work on personalized ROMs based on TouchWiz with enabled edge functions.

For more details, see the instructions below. Make sure you follow them carefully to configure the ADB correctly.

Increasing the Edge Screen Handle Size on Samsung Phones (ADB)

You will need the Android Debug Bridge on your phone and computer to set up this tutorial, as always. Fortunately, we did a tutorial about setting up ADB in advance. Before continuing, be sure to check that because it contains full instructions on how to set up your computer on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

You must open a command prompt/terminal and enter the following command once you have set up ADB on your computer.

adb shell

 Increase The Edge Screen Size

Finally, use the following command to change the edge screen handle size as you like:

settings put global edge_handle_size_percent insertvaluehere

where you change the custom value "insertvaluehere." In this case, we would like to make the handle fill the entire screen edge, so we change it to"100.00".

settings put global edge_handle_size_percent 100.00

However the handle size is still the standard, so that this stick is simply placed in the edge of the screen. You will discover that the handle of the edge screen is now full sized. You are good to go! You are good to go!

Increasing the Edge Screen Handle Size on Samsung Phones (Terminal + Root)

You can do it straight from your mobile phone if you do not have a handy computer or just don't like seting up an ADB or using a computer, only if your mobile phone is rooted. You'll need to download and give root permissions to a terminal app like Termux in advance, so make sure to download it from the play store in advance.

Fire up your terminal app and give it root permissions with:


You can simply change the handle size with because you are already in the Android Shell:

settings put global edge_handle_size_percent insertvaluehere

Again the 'insert value here' changes for your choice value. To find and set the personalized size, go to the handle settings.


You can actually tweak the screen handle size in Settings, but some people found that it's small even in the largest setting, which is quite upsetting given how large are the newest Samsung phones. You can scan the "edge handle size-percent" setting through the Settings.Global database, which can be easily tweaked with a shell interface of the system.