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Last Updated: 23-08-2022

At we are bonded to protect your privacy. The Privacy Policy stands for how the personal information of the customer is gathered, used, and revealed by the website.
These policies are set accordingly on the website,, and links with the subdomains. By getting into the service and using it, you denote that you have to go through, understand the use of tools, and be certain of the Privacy Policy statement and the Terms of Service reveal.

Definitions and terms:

Cookies: a small quantity of data created by a certain website and saved by your internet browser. It is relevant to know your program and gives certain analytics.

Organization: the privacy policy mentions "Organization," "we," "us," or "our," representing the site

Customer: mentions the organization, association, or each one that visits to make use of the website service.

Device: any web-related device like a mobile phone, tablet, PC, or any other smart device that is been used to make a visit to the website

IP address: all the devices associated with the Web is relegated to a number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. This is relegated to geographic blocks. An IP address can be brought forward to note the area from which the smart device is getting connected to the web.

Service: the service is offered as given in the relative terms (if accessible) and on this platform.

Third-party bond: stand for the promoters, contest sponsors, promotional and partners in advertising, and other parties who give our substance or whose items or services we think might beneficial to you.


What tools we have implemented here?

This website is backed by third-party services that are supported by cookies of this website in order to display ads and track website traffic in return.

Google AdSense

The advertising network of Google is known as “Google AdSense”. It displays ads on the website with the use of cookies, accordingly to the user's early visits to this website or any other website in the same way.

Google's use of advertising cookies licenses it and its links to serve ads to the website's users accordingly to their visit records to this website or any other sites on the Internet. Read the Google AdSense guidelines to further comprehend the tool application and uses. You can use personalized advertising on your Google account and how ads are made to present correspondingly.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another tool by Google which is to track and reports the website traffic accordingly each website offers a detailed website performance valuation. To get more information and understanding of the tool, go through the Google Analytics support page.


Statcounter is another tool implemented on the website in order to track website acts and in return receive reporting traffic. By going through the Statcounter support page you can learn more tool updates.
We gather user emails to send information and to respond the inquiries, requests, or any other queries from the readers.
To take cache responses, we use serviceWorker implementation.

How do we use the collected data?

There are kinds of data we get from the reader like Internet Protocol (IP) address and/or browser and device features at the time you make a visit to the website.
May use the collected data in one of the ways mentioned below.

Is your information secured with us?

We consider the safety measures to protect the confidentiality of all of the data we gain. We have physical, automated, and improved techniques to help defend, block illegal entries, verify data security and use your information in the right way.

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

We will update the changes on this privacy policy page, or post the changes of date beneath.

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Effective Date:
23rd August 2022